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Coconut Yogurt.jpg

1 can full fat coconut cream
1 probiotics capsule *
1 tablespoon tapioca/arrowroot flour 
1 Quart Mason Jar (sterile) 

Must be a good quality probiotic - see your Naturopath 


  1. Firstly, chill your coconut cream in the fridge. I usually pop mine in overnight, but a few hours will do.

  2. Combine coconut cream, powder from inside of probiotic capsule and tapioca in a sterilised jar. Stir well and seal the lid.

  3. Turn your oven light on and leave the jar in overnight. Do not turn the oven on. The heat from the light is sufficient to incubate the yogurt and allow it to thicken. The longer you leave it, the thicker it becomes, generally 24 hours is enough.

  4. Remove from the oven and leave on the bench for another few hours. Store in the fridge for a week. (sweeten with honey, maple syrup or vanilla)

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