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Pregnancy Support

Kate's approach during pregnancy have been developed over her 10 years of practice, to help mothers and their babies during this rapid period of growth and development. Particular focus is placed on the nutritional status of the mother and prevention of negative health outcomes. Each trimester has specific nutritional objectives and requirements and has been developed to support the mother and baby. It fosters mutual enjoyment of each of the changes and provides sufficient material to help her baby grow to meet its potential

Labour Preparation and Support

From experience of her own Kate has done extensive research in this area. During the last trimester, many expectant parents begin to prepare for the much-anticipated birth of their future child.

Birth preparation enables you to actively prepare your body for the upcoming arrival of your little one. It ensures that your health is optimised, that your nutritional needs are met, that complications are prevented and that your recovery will be optimised. Furthermore it aims to improve the health and wellbeing of your child. 

The beauty of engaging Kate's support is that we will help you to make conscious changes to improve this experience and provide useful strategies to cope with each phase. Furthermore, she provides support for expectant partners and give them tools to help mothers journey through this transition as easily as possible.

Post Natal and Breastfeeding Support

Following delivery of one’s child Mums can feel depleted and worn out. Kate's support for the post natal period provides guidance and specific treatment recommendations to help Mums enjoy this process. It promotes ease of breastfeeding and encourages greater bonding between Mother and child.

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