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A Naturopath is a health practitioner who aims to restore optimal health by natural means. Naturopathy is a holistic approach of health care and wellness your treatment may include the following: 

Clinical Nutrtion

The food that you eat may play a small or large role in your health complaints. Basically, you are what you eat; good nutrition is the foundation of good health. A Naturopathic consultation may include a food as medicine therapeutic food plan, prescribing of nutritional supplements to balance out any deficiencies or excesses and investigation into any food allergies and/or sensitivities.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine in to date. Herbalists use roots, leaves, seeds,
bark, stems and flowers of medicinal plants to make concentrated tinctures, extracts, tablets,
powders and creams. Herbal Medicines can be used to prevent or treat diseases, reduce
symptoms, support and strengthen the body, restore balance and increase vitality. Modern
western herbal medicine is based on a combination of traditional knowledge, clinical
experience, an understanding of medical sciences and the scientific evidence base for herbal

While conventional medicines are designed to target and reverse specific disease processes
in the minimum amount of time, plant medicines provide remedies that encouragement the
body's capacity to regulate and heal itself by restoring disturbed physiological processes. 


Homoeopathy is an energetic form of healing that activates the body’s own healing
response. Homeopathy is based on the principle of Similia Similibus Curentur meaning
"like cures like", according to which a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease
in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in sick people. This modality is particularly
safe and effective for children and acute conditions.

Lifestle changes

Lifestyle changes are often needed to improve health and wellbeing. These include exercise, reducing stress, supporting a healthy work/life balance, relaxation, emotional wellbeing and avoiding environmental risks.


Iridology is the analysis of the structure, colour, markings and patterns in the iris. 


Food intolerance testing

An uninvasive test, investigation agaisnt common foods, additives, chemicals and allergens. 

The purpose of allergy / intolerance testing is to determine what is irritating your system, so that you know which foods to have a break from. Your Naturopath will advise you when to re- introduce these once your digestive, immune and nervous systems are stronger, or whether you need to find alternatives long term.


At Darwin Naturopathics we see a lot of health issues arising from allergies and food sensitivities. The bio-compatible screening technique produce a report that will identify which foods or environmental toxins you are reacting to. Our Naturopath's will then work with you to design a program aimed at both reducing the food and training the immune system to be less reactive. The purpose of avoiding a specific food is to reduce the irritation and sensitivity of your digestive and immune system to allow these parts of your body to rebuild and repair. 


Based on both eastern and western medicine this technology is an extremely accurate approach to objective analysis (1) and prescribing incorporating the traditional science of acupuncture (non-invasive) with advanced electronic technologies (2).


The health of the individual is determined by “measuring” distal acupuncture point resistance (on either the hands or feet) that correlates to different body and organ functions (3)(4)(1). This test specifies deviations from normal function (1), being either acute or chronic in nature. This allows us to pinpoint specific system weaknesses that can then be tested for any substance (5) that may be effecting the individual, ie

    Foods (1)(6)   
   Allergens ie. Animal fur, pollens, dust mites etc. (7)(8)(1)   
   Chemicals. ie. cosmetic, agricultural, industrial and household   
   Pathogens, ie. Viruses, bacteria, fungal & parasites etc. (5)   
   Hormones (1)   
   Galvanic activity of Amalgam fillings (1)   
   Other heavy metal toxicologies, ie lead and cadmium (1)

Utilized in European medical practice for over 35 years this system provides not only important information of each individual (9), it is used to determine the suitability and dosage of naturopathic and homeopathic medicines to strengthen weakness and alleviate condition symptoms (1), with a focus towards prevention (3).

Body compisition testing

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis or BioImpedance Analysis (BIA) is a method of assessing your “body composition” the measurement of body fat in relation to lean body mass. Research has shown that your body composition is directly related to your health. A normal balance of body fat is associated with good health, vitality and longevity. Excess fat in relation to lean body mass, being overweight or obese, can greatly increase your risks to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more. The BIA allows us to monitor and detect imbalances in your body composition, which allows for earlier intervention and prevention. The BIA also serves to measure your progress as you work to improve your health and correct your body composition.


Body composition gives you:


Body Fat – kg and %
Lean Muscle Mass – kg and %
Muscle Qulaity
Ideal weight, Fat mass and Muscle Mass
Cellular Phase Angle – Cellular Vitality/Nutritional Uptake
Daily Dietary Requirements
Daily Water Requirements
Fluid & hydration Status
Intracellular and Extracellular Fluid Levels
Fluid Retention and Toxicity Levels
Biological Age - the rate at which your cells are ageing!

This information allows our health care professionals to create an individualised dietary program which can be tailored to your specific needs!


How Does BIA work?

The BIA is much more sophisticated than your bathroom scales, but just as painless and almost as quick. The BIA uses a small electrical signal that is circulated through your body. The BIA measures the impedance or resistance to the electrical signal as it travels through the water that is found in your muscle and fat. The more muscle a person has, the more water their body can hold. The greater the amount of water in a person's body, the easier it is for the current to pass through it. The more fat, the more resistance to the current. The BIA is safe and it does not hurt.


What Happens During the BIA Test?

Your practitioner will measure your height and weight as well as take your wrist and waist measurements. Then while you are lying down, electrodes are attached to various parts of your body and a small electric signal is circulated. This information along with your height, weight and measurements are fed into a sophisticated computer system, which will then deliver a comprehensive report detailing vital information on your body composition, cellular age, muscle and fat ratios, hydration levels and more. From this valuable information your naturopath or nutritionist can recommend a personalized dietary plan, nutritional supplements, and exercise to help you support optimal health and well being for a lifetime.


Who can benefit from Bioimedance Analysis?

Those who want to:

  Manage their weight more effectively

  Increase muscle tone and fitness -

  Improve energy levels

  Age healthily

Support the nutrition and health of their cells

  • Record the success of your gym sessions and exercise program – are you gaining healthy muscle?

  • Are you losing fat or fluid & valuable muscle?

  • Is your diet and antioxidant intake meeting your cell’s requirements to maintain healthy lifestyle?

  • Are you drinking enough water?

  • Are your cells aging quicker than they should?


What will I receive?

Your Practitioner Kate or Bonnie, will assess your health, perform a quick test and explain the results. They will then design a strategy to improve key areas. They will also monitor your results over time, so that you can see how your health is improving. It is recommeded you do another test to measure your progress every 4-6 weeks.

Your health is your greatest asset – discuss what you can do to optimise this with your Practitioner today. Contact us to make your appointment to start achieving vitality now. 8942 1920

Sample Report:

Click here for your sample report.

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