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Human diet over evolution

300 000 generations: hunter and gather 500 generations: introduce to agriculture 10 generations: industrial times 2 generations: highly processed foods!

I can bet you your grandma was not eating 2 minute noodles when she was a kid! Our genes DO NOT differ from those of our ancestors, our physiology and biochemistry is that of who ancestors that were HUNTER AND GATHERS! Our ancestors ingested a diet high in leaves, nuts, berries, oils and game meats, which is far fetched from the standard daily diet today.

After development of agriculture, there was an increased introduction of ‘starchy’ products like bready, pasta, potatoes, rice, cattle and milk products. Our genes are not equipped to deal with these foods and the chemical additive that these foods are processed and preserved with.

Shown in the graph below, out diet today is much lower is essential nutrients than our forbearers, even though we have MUCH more food available to us! This may also be due to over production of produce. Soils are becoming depleted of essential nutrients due to rapid turn over of yields and this is affecting the nutritional quality of our fruits and vegies. Always try to but local and from sustainable sources.

Try to eat REAL FOOD, that was RECENTLY LIVING! and has been minimally processed. Enjoy lean proteins, eggs, fish, nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetable and filtered water! Avoid packets and packaged foods, or foods with any numbers or crazy big words! Buy local and organic as much as possible. :)

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