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10 Reasons to visit Darwin Naturopathics

Weather you want more energy, to weigh less, have a baby, be pain free or just sleep better, a visit to a Naturopath will improve your over alll health and well-being 1. You don’t have to be sick to see a Naturopath, often being in good health is a good time to visit us, there are always ways to improve your health and well-being with a focus on disease prevention 2. We can help treat a range of health complaints from tummy issues, period problem to stress and sleep disorders 3. We use non-invasive and natural treatments 4. Naturopathy is a holistic approach to healing and use multiply approaches, like nutrition, herbal medicine, diet and homeopathics 5. We offer food intolerances testing in clinic for no extra fee 6. Appointment fees are claimable on private health, we have a Hi-Caps machine in clinic 7. We spend an hour going over all aspects of your health and treat you as a whole person, often health complaints are connected from gut issues to headaches and hormones! 8. We treat the cause of your issue, not just the symptoms 9. Naturopaths have an understanding of conventional medicine and are happy to work along side your Doctor or other health provider 10. We can order any further tests needed and have in-house pathology collection

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